Party Games

These two Hello Kitty party games are great for sleepover parties or just a fun Hello Kitty themed birthday party.

The first Hello Kitty party game is called ‘feelers’. Before the party get a pillowcase and fill it with some Hello Kitty related items. These can be a stuffed kitty, a hair bow, cat food, a ball of yarn, etc. Then tie the top of the pillowcase so no one can look inside. Then at the party give all the players a piece of paper and a pencil. Have everyone take thirty seconds feeling the contents of the bag through the fabric. Then the players must all write down what it is that they think is in the bag. Kitty party game is games that some people play as forms of entertainment at social gatherings. Kitty party game usually involves more than one player. There are a large number and styles of Kitty party game available and the one selected will depend on the atmosphere that is sought to be generated. The Kitty party game may merely be intended as an ice breaker, or the sole purpose for the party.

Birthday party games are one of the most important parts of the party. While cake, ice cream, and presents are loads of fun; if you don’t have a way to entertain the guests the party can quickly turn into a yawn-fest. Even worse would be ensuing chaos when a group of children that has consumed sugary cake and ice cream is left to their own devices for entertainment.

The following games include everyone, they are simple to get together with a minimum of supplies, and they all will ensure lots of laughs from the guests. Parties should be fun, and these games help make that fun happen.

When choosing birthday party games, you’ll need to tailor each one to the age group of the children attending. We’ve included ages that each is appropriate for along with variations for older or younger children. Forget pin the tail on the donkey, choose a few games and get to have some real birthday fun!

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